Tax Tips

• For Salaried Employees Form-16 (Part A & B) issued by ALL employers for the relevant Assessment Year.
• For Non Salaried (Professionals/Consultants) Form 16A (if issued) or 26AS Report or Bank Statements.

Interest and Other Incomes
Total Interest Income on ALL Savings Accounts for the relevant year (Only figure).
Form 16A (Issued by Bank) on interest income from FD's or provide 26AS Report.
Form 16A (Issued by Deductor against TDS deposit) on any other source of Income or provide26AS Report.

Please upload the following 1. Salaried upload only if not considered in your Form 16 2. Non Salaried need to upload if any below items need to be considered.
Section 80C - Investments made in LIC/ NSC/ PPF/ Tution Fees
Section 80D - Receipt of Medical Policy (Self/spouse/children/dependant parents)
Section 80E - Education Loan Certificate
Section 80G - Receipt, Name, PAN no. and address of Donee , Confirm exemption (50% /100%) , Original Receipt should be retained by you.
Home Loan Certificate.
• Total amount of Capital Gain / Loss (Short Term or Long Term)