Mutual Funds


myInvestorBuddy facilitates a world of virtual convenience and eradicates all the hassles with respect to Mutual Fund Investments. Now you can invest in Mutual Funds online within a few clicks, view existing portfolio, check Mutual fund NAVs, set up Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and all Mutual Funds functions through an inclusive, secure gateway.

While considering various investment opportunities, the first hassle faced by most investors is the confusion with respect to a plethora of options. From stocks, bonds, shares, money market securities, drafting the right mix of debt and equity is another challenge encountered. Every option comes comprises of its own advantages and risks.

With life expectancy increasing by a fair margin over the past decade, and inflation and healthcare costs growing at 5.88 per cent and 18 per cent, respectively, it is important to make sure that investments to secure your golden years do not fall short.
However, considering most people retire at 60, one must secure his investments for another 20 years, or more. Besides, there must also be a contingency plan if one outlives his retirement plan. Further there can be many unexpected expenses which may crop up in the future for which there should be an adequate preparation.

A mutual fund is professionally managed pool of money from many that collects funds from its investors to invest in a diversified portfolio. It is a collective investment vehicle. The investors not having any knowledge of the markets can invest in a mutual fund which shall be handled by professionally appointed managers.
Filemyreturn provides investment options in trusted funds substantiated by quality research that shall enable you to select the best fund while investing in mutual funds.Our dedicated advisors team enables you to invest your money with reputed funds managed by experienced fund managers. These fund managers invest the money so collected in a diversified portfolio in order to seek maximize returns.

Advantages of Investing through MyInvestorBuddy:

Other Mutual Fund Advantages

Counter Inflation

Mutual Funds assists in gaining returns that are adjusted with respect to inflation without much efforts and time required. Many investors consider of putting their money in Banks and Fixed Deposits but they fail to consider that inflation may be reducing its value in the future.
Suppose you have Rs. 100 saved in your bank account. These can buy about 10 items. Your bank offers 6% interest per annum, so by next year you will have Rs. 106 in your bank. However, suppose inflation that year rose by 10%. Therefore, one item costs Rs. 11. By the end of the year, with Rs. 105, you will not be able to afford 10 items anymore.
Mutual Funds facilitate investments that are less prone to the effects of inflation so that the purchasing power of the money you receive as returns does not decrease over the years.

Online Convenience

MyInvestorBuddy facilitates online investment in Mutual funds and hence provides greater convenience and timesaving. Using the web or the Mobile Application an Investor can easily and quickly manage his investments in the Fund, view his existing portfolio, check the NAV’s within a few clicks.


The investments pooled by a mutual fund are invested in a well diversified portfolio enabling the investors to enjoy the returns of various sources. To achieve a truly diversified portfolio, you may have to buy stocks with different capitalizations from different industries and bonds with varying maturities from different issuers which is not possible for an individual investor.

Economies of Scale:

Mutual funds are able to take advantage of their buying and selling size and thereby reduce transaction costs for investors. When you buy a mutual fund, you are able to diversify without the numerous commission charges. With mutual funds, you can make transactions on a much larger scale for less money.


Many investors don’t have the exact sums of money to buy round lots of securities. Investors can purchase mutual funds in smaller denominations. Smaller denominations of mutual funds provide mutual fund investors the ability to make periodic investments through monthly purchase plans.

Liquidity & Safety

Another advantage of mutual funds is the ability to get in and out with relative ease. In general, you are able to sell your mutual funds in a short period of time without there being much difference between the sale price and the most current market value. Since the fund is professionally managed by experts & bound by SEBI guidelines & regulations, these investments are relatively safer.