Steps to Pay your Income Tax Online with Challan 280

Follow these quick and easy steps.

Step 1: Go to

Select Challan 280.

Step 2: For individuals paying tax

  1. Enter Personal Information (as per Pan Card)
  2. Please Select:
    • Select (0021) INCOME TAX (Other than Companies)
    • Choose the correct Assessment Year from the dropdown. We’re currently on AY- 2019-20 for FY-2018-19.
    • Select (300) SELF ASSESSMENT TAX.

Step 3: Double check the Information before proceeding for payment

Double check the information displayed in the form like:-

  1. Your Name
  2. AY (Assessment Year) - 2019-20
  3. FY (Financial Year) - 2018-19
  4. Tax Applicable:- 0021- INCOME TAX (Other than Companies)
  5. Type of Payment:- 300 - SELF ASSESSMENT TAX

Step 4: After login to the Net Banking page

Enter the income tax amount to be paid in the income tax field or tax due.

Step 5: After Payment of Tax

Once the payment is done, you’ll get a tax receipt called Challan 280 on the next screen is displayed. Note:-

Please note down the following information

  1. The BSR code
  2. Challan serial number
  3. Date of payment

These information are usually be found on the bottom right. Important: Save a copy of the tax receipt / Challan.