Documents required for file your Income-tax Return.

  1. Documents related to “Income From Salary”:

    • Form 16 (Part A, Part B) of all the companies in case of change of job.
    • Foreign salary slips and foreign tax returns filed will be required if you had worked outside India for less than 181 days in the previous year.

  2. Documents/ Information related to “Income from Other Sources”:

    • Total interest amount received in all saving bank accounts (Only figure required).
    • Details of other income earned (if any) e.g. dividend, commission, etc.
    • Form 16A or 26AS (TDS certificate) for all your fixed deposits (Document required).

  3. Details of your “Tax Saving Investments or House Property Income/Loss” (if missed to claim):

    • Details of any tax saving investment not reflected or considered in your Form 16 (Only figure required).
    • In case of House Property Income / Loss – Following information is required:-
      1. Where the property is:- Self Occupied or Let Out
      2. Address of Property
      3. Interest and Principal paid during the Financial Year - Home loan bank certificate.
      4. In case Property is Let out – Tenant Name
      5. In case of Carry Forward Losses of early years then interest paid during those financial years along with date of filing of each year for which losses are to be claimed.

  4. Capital Gains - Income / Loss from Sale of “Share/ Mutual Funds/ House Property”:

    • Purchase date and cost of purchase.
    • Sale date and sale value.
    • In case of property sold :
      1. Buyer - Name & PAN No.
      2. Address of property is also required.

  5. Others:

    • Tax Paid Challan (if already paid)
    • Additional information / documents may be required case to case.